Great Things Are Happening in Opelika!

Written by Pastor Endicott on .

Settling In to Our New Building!

We have so much for which to praise the Lord! We are now settled into our new location and are so thankful at how God has provided such a wonderful, spacious place for us to meet, more than tripling the usable square footage of our former building! We are also grateful for several who sacrificially gave to help us with moving expenses, which enabled us to purchase several greatly needed items. We purchased 30 more chairs which have been needed as we have had a very good attendance in our new building with visitors each week. Some of our visitors came as a result of the almost 5000 mailers we sent out announcing our new location and services!

We're Moving to a New Building!

Written by Pastor Endicott on .

Our theme this year has been "Forward By Faith."  Our church has taken several steps of faith this year, and God has blessed each step of the way.  For several years we have felt a need to relocate, and we were hoping to purchase a building, but the Lord had not opened any doors that were financially feasible.  However, the Lord recently opened the door for us to relocate to a much larger facility for just a little more rent than what we are now paying.  The building was formerly a school that is being remodeled / restored by the city of Opelika.  The auditorium can seat 250 people which will give us plenty of room to grow, additional parking, classroom space, restrooms, and a kitchen! 

We are planning to move to the Cultural Arts Center of East Alabama, 1103 Glenn Street, Opelika, AL, on the third Sunday in January (January 17, 2016)!  We are praying for 100 or more in attendance on this special day.  Would you help us by praying, and, if possible, attending with us on this special day? 

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